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Skoll Werewolf Packer - Custom Colour

Skoll Werewolf Packer - Custom Colour

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Embrace Your Inner Beast

Unleash the primal within with the Skoll Fantasy Packer, a creation that beckons you to howl at the moon and embrace your true gender. Handcrafted with care and adorned in custom colors, this masterpiece lets you indulge in your deepest cravings in a world where werewolves reside.

Let your inhibitions fade as you surrender to the call of the Skoll Fantasy Packer. With a total length of 10.4cm (3.9 inches) and a width of 6.2cm (2.48 inches), it's your invitation to embrace your true self, howling in ecstasy beneath the moon's intoxicating glow.

As the Skoll Packer becomes an extension of your desires, envision the moonlit forest where the wildness within roams free. Allow the allure of the werewolf's call to guide your journey of self-discovery.

In the form of a small werewolf penis, the Skoll Fantasy Packer celebrates the union of human and beast. Its contours, shaped by the forces of nature, mirror the essence of embracing your inner yearnings.

Mystic Metrics: 

Length - 10.4cm / 3.9 inches 

Width - 6.2cm / 2.48 inches 

Material: Darkly enticing, Platinum Cure Silicone 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
C. (Pleasant Grove, US)
Pictures don't do this justice

It looks even better than I anticipated. I gave them hex codes because I was worried about them getting the colors off, and they were INSANELY SPOT ON. I do wish I got the soft version rather than the medium, just because the ballsack is a bit uncomfortable for someone with bigger thighs, but otherwise I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. Again, it's beautiful and it definitely shows that these people care about their craft. And for a trans man, it passes very well in my opinion, and doesn't look too excited/nonexistent. Give them all of your money.

L. (Cedar Rapids, US)
absolutely beautiful

I won’t lie that it’s not my favorite packer sense I tend to pack bigger so I find myself constantly readjusting, but I guessed that outcome ahead of time so it’s no big deal sense I wanted this one for at home wear anyway. What I’m thrilled with is the absolutely amazing job that was done on the pour I wanted trans flag colors an requested if it was possible to do majority of blue on the base and the outcome was just perfect.

o. (Federal Way, US)

I absolutely love my packer, the colors are gorgeous and the pour is unbelievably clean. It's also the perfect size, I'm a shirt plus sized guy, around 5'5" and 200lbs+ so trying to find packers that are a good size for me is honestly pretty difficult. 100/10 would recommend

C.E. (Cairns, AU)
Awesome quality

Best packer I've ever purchased!!! It's almost too beautiful to wear

P.B. (Lower Sackville, CA)
So happy !!

i’ve had mine for a few months now and i’m so so happy with it. i got the medium density in a rusty red with peach details and it turned out absolutely gorgeous, colours are exactly what i wanted and i haven’t found any bubbles or other defects. Medium density does make it look like im always popping a semi but i knew that going in and i’m happy with it, i would definitely suggest going with soft if its going to be a daily wear item for you as that’ll give a more natural look.