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Poseidon (Preorder) - Custom Colour

Poseidon (Preorder) - Custom Colour

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* Preorder turn around time is approx 12 weeks * 

Introducing the Poseidon: Unleash the power of the sea with this divine masterpiece. 

Handcrafted and customized to your desires, the Poseidon offers an experience fit for a god. Inspired by the mighty Greek deity, Poseidon, ruler of the ocean depths, this luxurious pleasure product will transport you to a realm of aquatic ecstasy.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Poseidon features a shaft adorned with elegant swells, reminiscent of the rolling waves of the sea. But it doesn't stop there—gills along the shaft provide tantalizing texture, adding an extra dimension to your pleasure journey.

At the base of the Poseidon, two fins rise proudly, paying homage to Poseidon's watery domain while also serving as visual cues to his iconic trident. These fins not only provide a secure grip but also enhance the overall aesthetic, making this pleasure product a true work of art for anybody with any ability.

Customize the colors to reflect the depths of the ocean or the brilliance of the sun dancing on the water's surface. With the Poseidon - Custom Colour, your fantasies become reality as you embark on a journey of sensual exploration worthy of a deity.

Embrace the power of Poseidon and surrender to the waves of pleasure that await. 

Mystic Metrics: 

Total Length: 19cm / 7.5 inches 

Useable Length: 15cm / 5.9 inches 

Widest circumference: 17cm / 6.5 inches 

Tip circumference: 15.5cm / 6.1 inches 

Material: Darkly enticing, Platinum Cure Silicone 

Recommended Elixirs: Enhance your encounters with a touch of water-based lubricant for a spellbinding glide.

Compatibility options:

Vaculock - Yes

Suction cup - No

Harness - Yes 

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