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Darque Path

Phobos - Custom Colour

Phobos - Custom Colour

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Unveil a realm of unparalleled pleasure with our Phobos - Custom Colour Fantasy Dildo. Inspired by the ominous allure of Greek mythology, this exquisite creation pays homage to Phobos, the embodiment of fear and panic, son of Ares and Aphrodite.

Step into a realm where fantasies and reality intertwine. With its bewitching design, customizable colours, and an irresistible allure inspired by Greek mythology, Phobos invites you to surrender to the pleasures that await. Whether you're indulging in solitary moments of self-discovery or igniting the flames of passion with a partner, Phobos is your key to unlocking a world of captivating sensations.

With a total length of 17cm and a usable length of 15cm, the Phobos Fantasy Dildo is meticulously designed to provide both comfort and pleasure. The captivating top knot boasts a circumference of 6 inches, while the widest point of the bottom knot measures approximately 7 inches, ensuring a fulfilling and enticing experience.

Mystic Metrics: 

Full Length: 17cm / 6.7 inches   

Top Knot Circumference: 15cm / 6 inches

Bottom Knot Circumference: 17.7cm / 7 inches

Material: Darkly enticing, Platinum Cure Silicone 

Recommended Elixirs: Enhance your encounters with a touch of water-based lubricant for a spellbinding glide.

Compatibility options: 

Vaculock - Yes

Suction cup - Yes

Harness - Yes

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
D.N. (Fort Worth, US)
First purchase!

I've bought a couple of products like these in the past, but this is my first purchase from Darquepath. I will definitely be purchasing again. This is high quality and pleasing to look at! Thank you so much for all your hard work.

N.s. (Muiden, NL)
Damn Phobos

First off, the way he looks. He is made so gorgeous, and he looks so beautiful. You can just see how it’s made with care.
Second off, he rocked my world. Definitely new feeling and experience.

B. (Brisbane, AU)
Pasito Phobos

It’s a wicked “sculpture”, very well made. Thankya!

M.L. (Brisbane, AU)
Knotted Brilliance

The quality, service and packing all wonderful. It's worth every penny. Awesome product ❤️

B. (Roanoke, US)
Expand your...horizons

This is a great choice-the hardest part is narrowing down from all the fun choices on the site! I couldn't be happier with the custom colors. Their customer service and social media are both good, too! I'm sure I'll be adding to the collection before too long.