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Parcae Maw Colour Palette Custom

Parcae Maw Colour Palette Custom

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Parcae is one of our Fates Series insertable toys, featuring a maw design. 

The Fates are "full-sized" fantasy toys designed to be affordable and more easily accessible to someone interested in entering into the fantasy toy world. 

The Fates are available in predetermined colour palettes and each comes with a suction cup as standard. 

Parcae is poured with specific palettes and pouring styles. If you want your Parcae made in colours outside of the offered colour palettes, or in a pour style not listed (such as colour splits; ie teeth and tongue in separate colours etc) then this incurs a $30aud fee.  

Mystic Metrics: 

Total Length - 17cm / 6.7 inches  

Tongue Base Circumference - 12.9cm / 5.1 inches

Tongue Tip Circumference - 6.6cm / 2.6 inches 

Base Circumference - 30.2cm / 11.8 inches 

Material: Darkly enticing, Platinum Cure Silicone 

Recommended Elixirs: Enhance your encounters with a touch of water-based lubricant for a spellbinding glide.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
A.G. (Gran, NO)

This toy is just amazing! I ordered it in the Winter Palette but asked for the sparkling silver to be spread like specks throughout the whole design and asked for a marble ombre. It's just perfect, I would keep it on my desk and admire it all day. Since the tip is pretty thin I recommend this sculpture in medium. The fangs also add to the fantasy and can work as a grinding texture. Not to mention that we have access to this amazing craftsmanship for an affordable price.

Anonymous (Rowlett, US)

The toy came out exactly as I had hoped, the tip of the tongue is almost a lime green, tapering down darker until the base which is totally black. The build is absolutely gorgeous, it's everything I ever wanted in a maw toy! On my hands and knees begging for more maw designs as nice as this