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Maera - Custom Colour

Maera - Custom Colour

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Evoke the captivating essence of the sea and plunge into an ocean of unbridled pleasure with our Maera Grindable. Named after the mesmerizing sea nymphs, this enchanting creation transcends boundaries and beckons you to explore the depths of your most intimate desires. Let the tendrils of passion and the embrace of the sea guide you on an unforgettable journey.

Maera emerges from the realm of sea nymphs, a stunning tribute to the nymphs of the sea, whose beauty epitomized the very essence of the ocean. Just as Maera's allure captivated hearts, our Maera Grindable entices your senses, inviting you to surrender to its seductive charm.

Embark on a voyage of discovery as Maera unveils a realm of possibilities. A versatile grindable silicone pad, it offers pleasures beyond imagination. Use it independently, amplify sensations with a bullet vibe, or relish the exhilaration of open penetration. Maera becomes your conduit to boundless ecstasy.

Maera transcends gender, designed for stimulation that transcends boundaries. It's an invitation for all to embrace the tides of pleasure, a testament to the fluidity of desire that flows like the currents of the sea. 

Let Maera's touch transport you to the heart of the ocean's grip, where desires surge and pleasure knows no limits. As the tendrils of the sea wind around you, a symphony of sensation awaits.

Mystic Metrics: 

Height - 4.5cm / 1.8 inches

Width - 12.5cm / 4.9 inches

Length - 14cm / 5.5 inches

Material: Darkly enticing, Platinum Cure Silicone 

Recommended Elixirs: Enhance your encounters with a touch of water-based lubricant for a spellbinding glide.

Coven's Wisdom: Meara can hold a standard size bullet vibe in medium or soft density silicone. The raised tentacles of Maera also make it perfect for transitioning people with bottom growth to experience grinding sensations. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
S. (Sydney, AU)
The only toy I use now

The pour on this is gorgeous and it’s a beautiful piece of work. It’s also incredibly effective and the most fun toy I own.

I got this in firm which suits me well as I like a good amount of pressure, and it’s pretty much perfect for me - the only thing is it’s a little on the hard side against my pubic bone, which is fine for me but consider the medium if that’s an issue for you. I wasn’t sure about fit but the whole thing is flexible so can be held more open (or tighter) to suit.

A.J. (Edmonton, CA)

This is my new favourite toy, and I have a lot of toys including "electronic" ones! I got mine in medium and the texture is so amazing. I'm a trans man and find it the perfect size for me. I personally think it might be even better if it were cylindrical with the tentacles on the outside, more for grabbing and rubbing manually than grinding. But regardless, this thing is perfect!

K. (Sandys Parish, BM)
Great texture

A well crafted and intricate grinder. Excellent texture and versatility. I like the height/depth of it, unlike a previous commenter, but I think it would be even better if it were slightly thinner in width so it fits between the thighs more comfortably. That may vary for others based on their anatomy, though. No regrets, I recommend to anyone who likes grinding.

H.N. (Almelo, NL)
Exactly as I hoped

This grinder was a gift for my girlfriend and she absolutely loves it. It adds a depth to her experience and is very fun to play with. The piece is also very aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, the colour scheme was very nicely executed.

Overall very happy with the product.

A.B. (Tacoma, US)

Custon black, purple, and shimmer Maera. Turned out beautifully.