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  • 'Lilith' Wax Play Candle - Darque Path
  • 'Lilith' Wax Play Candle - Darque Path
  • 'Lilith' Wax Play Candle - Darque Path
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Darque Path

'Lilith' Wax Play Candle

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Lilith, the Babylonian goddess of hell and the underworld; the goddess of the night and of darkness.  

It was only fitting that the candles named after Lilith are black. These candles are scented with vanilla, slightly sweet and tempting. 

Our wax play candles can be ordered in any size; Pillar, Medium Tin, or Large Tin and comes in 3 heat variations. 

Our wax play candles are hand-made and poured with all-natural Soy and/or Paraffin Wax (depending on your selection). All candles are wicked with natural hemp, and the containers and wick bases are reusable. 



Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Eva Ellis
Good xx

Lovely feel and temp dif was good xx left skin super softt


Absolutely love the feeling and smell of these candles, could not recommend them enough!

Wax Play Candles

Gotta say, I’m loving that we can get a vanilla scented, black coloured wax play candle! The perfect combination of naughty and nice :-P
It’s very unique to see candles available in different melting temperatures and for that I would like to thank Manda and Troy for allowing us to dip our toes into wax play while being confident we were using quality products. It is obvious that a lot of research and care went into these candles.
The colours were true to the website and the smell is completely divine too!

Shona Williams
Absolutely in love!

Absolutely love all the products, my hubby loved the candles that I got for an anniversary present, that turned into both of is having an amazing night. Thank you, much love xx

Haley M.

I've tried several different brands of body candles and these are by far my favourite to use. I can only speak for the medium temperature items but they're a beautiful mix of just hot enough to really feel it (from a good distance), and a quite tolerable burn (getting close to the skin). The Black I received seems to be a little closer to a grey unless layered in higher quantities but it's still a gorgeous dark colour that I adore, obviously taking into account that it's hand made.
Highly recommended, incredible customer service.