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Penetrable "Thin" - Custom Colour

Penetrable "Thin" - Custom Colour

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Embrace the darkly enchanting aesthetic of our Penetrable "Thin" - Custom Colour. Designed with intricate detailing reminiscent of vertebrae, this sheath captures the essence of gothic elegance, elevating your pleasure to an unparalleled level of sophistication.

Explore a realm of limitless possibilities with this fantasy sheath penetrable. Whether you're seeking tantalizing self-play or craving intimate encounters with a partner, the rippled interior of the Penetrable "Thin" delivers gratification beyond imagination.

Infuse your desires with a personal touch by choosing from a captivating range of custom colours. Transform your fantasies into reality as you adorn the Penetrable "Thin" with shades that resonate with your innermost cravings.

Indulge in the captivating allure of the vertebrae-inspired design as you embrace the Penetrable’s total length of 9 to 10cm. With exterior dimensions of 5.2cm (unstretched) and an inviting hole width that stretches from 1cm to an enticing 4cm in soft silicone, this masterpiece beckons you to explore pleasure without limits.

Mystic Metrics: 

Total length - 9 to 10cm / 3.5 inches 

Width exterior (unstretched) - 5.2cm / 2 inches

Width of hole (unstretched) - 1cm / 0.4 inches 

Width of hole (stretched) - 4cm (in soft) / 1.6 inches 

Width of hole (stretched) - 2cm (in firm) / 0.8 inches 

Material: Darkly enticing, Platinum Cure Silicone 

Recommended Elixirs: Enhance your encounters with a touch of water-based lubricant for a spellbinding glide.

Coven's Wisdom: *Very little give in firm** This product is not recommended for penis owners. This sheath is recommended for TransMasc individuals. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
A.J. (Edmonton, CA)

Ordered a pre-made one in super soft as a birthday gift to myself. As I'm trans masc, I've never had a toy like this before so it took some getting used to. I ended up putting a lipstick shaped vibe in one end and using the open end and it was so euphoric. Will definitely be playing with it more!

J.M. (Des Moines, US)
It is absolutely gorgeous!

I just received my order and while I did order the wrong size it is still a gorgeous piece and has more potential than just the opening. I have also just placed another order for 2 more pieces, can't wait to receive them!

E. (Marshalltown, US)
Smaller than expected

Waited for months to get it, only to find that I can barely squeeze my pinkie into the opening. If you buy this, I definitely recommend asking for extra soft. It'll probably be usable then, because at soft, it's still uncomfortable.