About Our Products

Our goal is to create safe and natural (where possible) products that keep your body safe. 

We were sitting in our loungeroom one day, talking about finding products that met our needs. And sadly we couldnt find many. 

From that moment on Darque Path was born. Although at this moment it wasnt named Darque Path just yet as we hadnt came together on a name (and thats a story for another time). 

We decided that we wanted to create products that were as natural as possible, that would enable us and people like us, to enjoy their time without the additional safety concerns about the products your using. 

We then started our research. 9 months later we begun preparing Darque Path for release.  

We were shocked to find that there was no TGA (Theraputic Goods Association) requirements for the adult industry. And the list of chemicals used in the creation of some dildos in particluar is scary to say the least! 

Not to mention the ingredients that are used in some candles can create harmful by products which should not be placed on the skin. Many wax play candles contain combinations of bees wax, parrafin and soy wax, without providing temperature information. While some prefer the higher temperatures of body candles (which is fantastic) generic wax play candles are often not made with beginner players in mind and result in burns and bad experiences. 

We wanted to do better. 

 Our DPs (Dildos) / BPs (Butt Plugs) - 


Our DPs and BPs are made from 100% platinum grade silicone. No additional additives or nasties. 

What is Platinum Grade silicone?

“Platinum Grade” silicone, means is that it is cured with the addition of platinum as a catalyzer (yes, as in the precious metal). Platinum grade silicone toys are considered to be of the highest quality and are far less prone to warping, tearing and bubbling. Platinum Grade Silicone is hypoallergenic, latex-free, contains no toxins, and is also nonporous therefore resists bacterial growth. 

To colour our toys we use liquid silicone pigments that are designed specifically for use in silicone and are safe for use on the human body as they create a homogeneous mix with the base silicone. 

All of our toys are Shore Hardness 10A. This means that our toys feel like flexed muscle. Strong enough to feel but soft enough to ensure that they cant cause any damage to your body internally (when used appropriately).  

Each of our DPs and BPs are individually hand poured. Which means that no 2 will ever be the same, the colour and pattern of each will always differ slightly. Therefore you will always have a completely unique toy to you. 

 Our Candles - 

Our Body Candles are made with Soy Wax and Parafin Wax. Each temperature in our range has a unique combination of these waxes which increases the heat of the wax and its properties; such as drip time, pooling ability etc. 

Each of our candles are scented with natural essential oils. And wicked with natural hemp cord. This keeps all the nasty chemicals out of our candles and away from your body.