'Belladonna' UV Wax Play Candle

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Belladonna increases your heart rate and make you see visions. 

Tickling your senses with the scent of pink grapefruit.  

Belladonna is UV reactive and can be ordered in any size; Pillar, Jar or Cauldron and comes in 3 heat variations. 

Belladonna is hand made and poured with all-natural Soy and/or Paraffin Wax (depending on your selection). All candles are wicked with natural hemp, and the containers and wick bases are reusable. 

Please note - 

Your candles may appear and be "frosted" when they arrive. Frosting is when a white crystalline layer forms on the surface of natural waxes such as soy. This is a natural effect of soy wax. 

As each of our items are made to order we ask for up to 5-7 day time frame to make your order. 

Customer Reviews

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best pink candle ever!

i cant get over how much of an amazing colour of the 'belladonna' is, it's a Fantastic shade of pink. that looks great both in regular light and under UV blacklight. i am so BEYOND impressed.
the pillar candle even stands on its own evenly so i don't have to hold 6 candles like some weird octopus trying to find extra digits.
Very please and will be a repeat customer.