Product Care

Toy Care - 

Because of the non-porous nature of Platinum Grade Silicone you can clean your toy in a variety of ways. Antibacterial soap, isopropyl alcohol, placed in boiling water, ultrasonic cleaning or using a specialised toy cleaner are all options that can be effectively used. 

Each DP is supplied with a black linen bag to assist with appropriate storage, as well as the luxury matte black box which the DP ships in. 

It is important for your toy that you store it clean and dry. 

When using lubricant with our toys you can utilise water and oil based lubricants without concern. 

We have been asked about the use of silicone lubes with our toys, and yes you can; although there are some points to consider....

You should look for a lube that lists 'Dimethicone' as the first ingredient. Dimethicone is the highest grade of silicone used in lubricant and helps it stay velvety and more viscous. Lubes with Dimethicone as the first ingredient also tend to have a better track record of playing well with premium silicone toys.

If using a premium grade silicone lubricant with our toys you should be able to combine them with no ill effect but it isn’t a guarantee. And will be undertaken at your own risk. 



Candle Care - 

To ensure the life of your candles, keep them in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight. Sunlight will not cause damage to your candles, but could cause them to melt in our Australian summer heat waves. 

If you are using one of our Cauldron or Jar candles ensure that you wipe away any soot residue before or after each use. This will ensure that you continue to have crisp clean colours. 

As always ensure that you are using wax play candles safety, monitoring your partners responses to the wax and utilising the "decreasing distance" method (start an arms distance from your partner and slowly bring the candle closer to the skin).