About Us

We are Manda and Troy. Partners in crime, life and business. We live on the NSW South Coast, Australia.

Manda is a qualified Sexologist and Kink Educator. Manda's passion in Darque Path is our dildos and toys. Ensuring that they are designed in a way that not only look and feel amazing, but also keeps the human anatomy in mind.

Manda has a twinge of 'witchy goodness' and is drawn to all things dark; and there lies the creation of the theme for Darque Path. 

Troy's passion is Shibari and Wax Play. Troy begun creating candles when he wasnt able to find exactly what he wanted already on the market. With bad experiences in 'store brought wax play candles', Troy knew he could do better. 

Armed with our own research, physio-sexual knowledge and teachings from BDSM and Kink elders we begun our Darque Path.